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The paintings explore the special facilities of paint: Sometimes how it dries into reticulated patterns or mazes reflecting an exploration of ‘morphogenesis’, (how patterns form in nature) or how colours mix together in streaks as life-journeys or overviews of both the present moment, the past and future moments all at once.


The works often function as metaphors or microcosms for larger explorations; the picture plain is a metaphor for material containment, the universe or the parameters of a life-cycle. 


"The paint on aluminium series references the spectrum of a human life in their subject matter: be it the symbolism of a volcanic eruption reminding the viewer of both the cosmic and biological moment of creation or the metaphor of a meandering river; yet they also invoke the trials of living in their making process". Oliver Basciano (2010)


"Wholly abstract in once sense but very specific in another, the Life-Line paintings can be thought of as the descendents of Paul Klee but also as the successors of the extreme subjectivity of classic Abstract Expressionism but with the subjectivity delivered in a diagrammatic, radically simplified form". Edward Lucie-Smith (2016)